Money Mirror Deluxe

Handy expenses manager for your Palm PDA

Money Mirror is a simple accounting program for the PalmOS platform. It was developed entirely on a Handspring Visor but should work on any device running PalmOS version 3.0 and up. It requires a free runtime library by OrbWorks (included in Money Mirror packages, or get it directly from here).

There are two versions of Money Mirror: the freeware one with full basic functionality (which will remain free) and a commercial version with additional user-requested features. They are completely compatible with each other and can read each other's databases.

Money Mirror lets you manage any number of accounts and is meant to give you an idea of how much money (or credit) you actually have available for spending. Money Mirror supports deposits into accounts, transactions among accounts, and payments from accounts.

Money Mirror Deluxe


Money Mirror Deluxe 1.2